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A lot of winning companies seems that they can make everything except an efficient website. It is hard to believe but many top expert firms in various fields have websites that are weakly designed, hard to steer, not practical, and not viable for search engines to discover.

Today having an own website for your business has become mandatory. For that firstly you need to have a domain which will cost you around $11 then need to do web hosting that will cost around $60 for 1 year. Then the two most costly part, first website designing which may cost you around $1000 and second full website setup and configuration which also cost you another $1000. So, in total you need $2000 for your business website.

Here are little guidelines on web design:

  1. Appearances:

Dazzling design is not the mainly significant mania in a website, but if you go down underneath a certain average of design class, your possible clientele won’t take you sincerely. People will suppose you’re a little, amateurish, unreliable operation no issue how large and flourishing you actually are. An elegant website at once communicates that you are huge, established and booming, and that you mind about excellence.

  1. Content:

Give your clients the possible information they desire and require. That requires perceptive of your client. Realize, what are the vital things your clients want to know and put that information in your content.


You also require knowing where to place keywords on your site.

  • The title tag is a grand position to use your keyword tags. The title mark consists of that vocabulary you perceive at the peak of your browser space, and it is what search engines take for the heading exhibit in their search outcome.
  • Good number communities, who study on the Web, check Web pages rapidly. For this reason headlines are so vital.
  • At this time you call for writing your keyword into your web site content. Be usual regarding it, simpler than it sounds, but with apply you’ll catch it.
  1. Easy SEO:

Search Engine Optimization is an important subject. If possible, you be supposed to have an SEO expert effort over your web site and confirm that search engines can locate it. Not selecting appropriate keywords for your Web site is really awful error to make because search engine optimization depends on keywords to find your position; plus search engine users. So, it is important to know the process for figuring out these keywords.

  1. You can use Digital Tracker for keyword suggestion.
  2. Free Keyword Suggestion Tool shows all related search for keywords.
  3. For Google statistic keyword you can use Google Keyword Tool.

Each of these keyword tools know how to help you for getting a clear scheme of what actually people are actually searching for, so you can utilize those words inside your site production and arrangement to draw extra people to your site. It’s all regarding searching, if people can’t discover your site, no issue how vast your service is. You also require knowing where to place these keywords on your site.

  1. Keep it updated:

There is not anything inferior to an outdated website to converse to your clientele that you don’t concern. Out-of-date offers, notices for previous year’s deal shows, outdated employee’s lists, it all deduct your representation as a well-organized company that will offer grand service. Confirm your website has an easy to use content management system so you can inform regularly and simply.

So, get the best from your website by being a little more strategic and updated.

We like to think of ourselves as “Web” experts. Unlike many other web companies that dabble in all forms of design, we have remained focused on our primary goal of being a specialist web design company. With over 6 years of experience in the industry, we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver high quality web solutions.

“We have recently had our website redesigned by GK Web Solutions. We are extremely pleased with the way our new website looks and how stress-free it was for us to have it done. GK Web Solutions did an amazing job”
-HPA Community / Rohit Nayar

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